#DoTheWork Transformation Enquiry
Hello! It's Dale (The DoTheWork Coach) here.

Thank you for showing interest in the #DoTheWork Transformation Programme.

You have probably found yourself here because you've had enough of your current situation. You are unhappy with your current body-shape, fitness levels and overall health.

You've let things slip, you've been eating and drinking too much and not exercising enough. It's affected all the other areas of your life including your career, your relationships & your friends and family.

You've recognised that it's time to TAKE CHARGE.

Which is step one.

This programme WILL transform your mind & body inside 90 days or less. This programme is not for the faint-hearted. It's hard work. It's going to take commitment and a lot of change - but that's why you are here now isn't it?

You know that already. You just need someone there to not only support you, but call you out on your BS so that you do what you need to do to achieve what you say you want.

I need a little bit of information from you now, this helps me understand if the programme is the right fit for you. Following that, we will get on a no obligation call and talk through your goals and aspirations.

I can say with 100% confidence that the #DoTheWork programme will change your life, if you are ready to implement.

So let's go champ.

It's time to #DoTheWork!
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Thank you for completing this enquiry form. The next step is to book your discovery call with me where we will map out a plan and see if my coaching will be the right fit for you. Click this link to book your call with me - https://calendly.com/dotheworkcoach/discovery-call?month=2021-01 - In the meantime here are some of the results you can expect to get by working with me. All inside 12 weeks (some less).
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