Teaching filmmaking and animation
Hi from ACMI Education. We want to improve our resources for teaching and learning around film production and animation. Please help us by completing the following survey.

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Teaching & Learning - Storyboarding
When making a film or animation with students, which of the following aspects of pre-production do you teach? (You can select multiple responses. )
If your students create storyboards, do they create ...
Do your students use any of the following tools?
What functionality do you need in a digital storyboarding tool? (Select only your top 3)
Teaching and learning resources
What are your preferred sources for materials and resources on filmmaking, animation and game making. Please list specific website links, books, apps etc.
What resources are missing or lacking for teaching filmmaking, animation and game making?
We would very much appreciate the chance to talk with you about how we can best support your teaching. Please provide a phone number and good times for us to call you.
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