2018 WC Business District Priorities Survey
The White Center Community Development Association is supporting the White Center Chamber of Commerce's vision of unifying and advancing the interests of the White Center (WC) business community, in a manner that leverages and attracts investments that makes White Center businesses more profitable, expands Chamber membership to be more representative of our ethnic diverse WC community, protects the long-term economic and community viability of the entire White Center area, promotes the public safety, and makes White Center a more livable place to shop and to raise a family.

We're conducting research on the different needs and areas of growth of the White Center business district. We'd love to hear from you about highest areas of concern for 2018. The survey should only take 5 minutes, the results will be shared-back with different business interest of the White Center community.

What are the five highest priorities of the White Center Business District? *
Please rank the priorities of the White Center business district, with 1 being low priority and 10 being the highest priority.
Improved lighting throughout the district
Homeless support services
Increase police and safety patrols
WC Marketing and social media training's
Information on annexation
Improved crosswalk markings
Improve district Identification signage
Sanitation services (garbage can maintenance, street and sidewalk sweeps)
Financing and business assistance support
More sidewalks and street vendors
Are there any other areas of focus that need to be addressed? *
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Name of business or organization *
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Name of contact who is interested in learning more about the WC Chamber or participating in regular meeting (owner, manager, staff, representative) *
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Preferred method of communication? (phone, in-person, letter, email, etc) *
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Please rank the priorities of the White Center business district, with 1 being low priority and 5 being the highest priority.
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