SOS (Save Our Students)Threat Tip Form
This form is used to report school safety concerns such as weapons, threats of violence against students and/or staff, and drugs, tobacco, and alcohol on school grounds.
Role of person completing form
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What type of threat is made?
If checked other safety concerns, please describe.
Name of person or people making threats against student(s), staff, or school or who has drugs/tobacco/alcohol or weapons.
When was threat made or incident occur?
Did the threat or incident occur on or off of the school grounds?
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Who were the threats made against or who was the victim of assault?
Do you know if there are any weapons, dangerous items or drugs/tobacco/alcohol at school?
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If your answer is yes for a weapon/item, what type of weapon or dangerous item?
Where is the location of the threat, weapon, dangerous item, drugs/tobacco/alcohol, or destruction of school property?
Are there others who witnessed or have knowledge of this threat or incident? Please list.
Do you feel threatened?
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Name of reporting person (not required)
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