Action City 2019 REGISTRATION
Do you wish to contribute to improving your neighbourhood? Do you have a struggle you want to fight for? Are you sick of all the ads in the city? If yes, we invite your warmheartedly to ACTION CITY 2019!

Action City is an informal urban activist school which aims to transform ideas, struggles and dreams for the city into action. Through a series of workshops and Action Talks, Action City seeks to share artistic and creative tools that increase the citizen participation in the city and in society as a whole.

The project is led by Growlab Oslo and is a part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, and supported by The City of Oslo and Arts Council Norway.


There is a Program Overview at the bottom of this page.

More program will be updated throughout the Triennale.
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There is a limited number of seats available for each workshop, so please be quick!
Nov 20 : Creating Protest with Santiago Reyes (CO)
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Nov 2 : Urban Food Activism with Growlab Oslo
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Oct 28-29 : Urban Scenography with Performing Arts Collective
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Oct 19 : Build the City with MakersHub
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Oct 8 : Art over Ads with Subvertising Norway
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Oct 6 : Virtual Ad-Busting with Jordan Seiler
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PROGRAMME OVERVIEW__________________________________
Here you will find an overview over the actions planned for the 2019 edition of Action City. Some are open talks and some are workshops which need registration.

See you!
• Action City 2019 Opening
Saturday September 28 / Bankplassen / 12:00-16:00

What is your battle in the city? What are the dreams for your neighbourhood? Welcome to the opening of the Action City and Action-vogna! Come and share your protests, battles and dreams with us on our little sign workshop and we will share svele, coffee and apple juice!

More info:
• Action Workshop : Virtual Adbusting with Jordan Seiler
Sunday October 7 / National Museum of Architecture / 12:00-17:00

Come and explore how with new Augmented Reality technologies we can use the advertising on our streets to create real-world ad blockers or digital exhibition spaces that present our own artwork and ideas. Participants will first explore some of the basic concepts behind Augmented Reality and then use modified Snapchat filters to create their own digital intervention in the city.

More info:
• Action Talk: Reclaiming the Streets with Adbusting with Jordan Seiler
How can ad-busting be a mean of hacking the city and reclaiming the streets? The american artist Jordan Seiler visits Oslo and will in his talk illustrate why he believes that public space and the public's interaction with that space is a vital component of our city's health, drawing upon two decades of experience at the forefront of numerous ground-breaking civic media projects. Seiler has been on a mission since the early 2000´s to make the visual realm in public space more democratic by challenging the predominance of outdoor advertising.

More info:
• Action Workshop : Art over Ads with Subvertising Norway
Tuesday October 8 / Deichman Grünerløkka / 18:00-22:00

Action City invites to a workshop with Subvertising Norway, a network of artists and activists raising awareness about who has the power to communicate messages and create meaning in public space through acts of creative subversion and art-based activism. Guided by the basic principle that the visual realm in public space belongs to everyone, this workshop will provide participants with the tools, know-how and tactics to actively participate in shaping our shared public spaces.

More info:
• Action Workshop: Build the City with Makers'Hub
Saturday October 19 / Hersleb Vgs. / 12-16


How can we build our public space and shape them so we better include also the most vulnerable groups in the city? With saws, drills and wood materiales we will build a seating installation that will be placed in public space in a workshop led by MakersHub. No background knowledge or skill is required, we will provide all materials and tools. Bring comfortable clothes to work in. Food will be  served for all participants from 11 AM.

!Children under 16 can participate, but need to be accompanied by a grown up and minimum 10 years old.!

More info:
• Action Talk : Building an Inclusive City with Makers'Hub
Thursday October 23 / Elgsletta / 18:00-20:00

How can people with different needs coexist in Oslo´s many urban spaces? Historically and every day, drug users are chased, discriminated and not tolerated in the public spaces of the capital. How can we as designers, planners and architects facilitate inclusive solutions and tools for coexistence of a wide range of people in public space and neighbourhoods?

More info:
• Action Workshop : Urban Scenography with Performing Arts Collective (two days)
Monday - Tuesday October 28-29 / Deichman Grünerløkka / 18-22

PAC is a feminist performing arts collective that equates dramaturgical instruments in its works to achieve its own voice in the performing arts. This two-day workshop will involve using video, sound and projection to transform and tell stories in urban space.

We will publish more information about this workshop soon.
• Action Talk: Food as a Meeting Place with Food Studio and Bybonden
Thursday October 31 / Deichman Grünerløkka / 19:00-21:00

How can food create good meeting places in the city? Food is a social material. In this conversation we will talk about exactly how growing food and cooking can be incredibly fun and meaningful as urban activities, and how it brings us closer together in different ways.

More info:
• Action Workshop : Urban Food Activism with Growlab Oslo
Saturday November 2 / Location TBA / 12-16


How to get in touch with people through a waffle? How can sharing of food in public space help developing the city? In this workshop we will share our experience and together use food and scenographic elements to make, eat, share and experiment with how food can create meeting places in public space.

More info:
• Action Workshop : Creating Protest with Santiago Reyes (CO)
Wednesday November 20 / Intercultural Museum / 17-21

What does a protest look like? Demonstrations, protests and marches are different ways of expressing our selves in public spaces - often with a goal of gaining visibility and promoting a message or a cause. Use of posters, banners and signs can be described as classic tools in demonstrations - how can demonstration signs and posters be created and designed in new ways? Join in and experiment with us!
Action City invites Action Workshop: Creating Protest with Colombian artist Reyes Santiago Rojas. For several years, Rojas has worked with the use of cardboard boxes and boxes from different countries to create collages and signs. It is both a commentary on the consumer society, but the collages also become aesthetic objects in which different colors, symbols and numbers on the packaging are highlighted in new ways. At the workshop, Rojas will introduce and share his methods, pull together and find materials and put them together into signs.

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