University of York Informal Complaint Form
This form has been drafted for a student or student applicant to use to submit Informal Complaints to the University for consideration by Heads of Department, Colleges, or Professional Support Services.

By submitting a complaint a student should understand that the University will itself need to gather information about the matters raised, and that this information may include sensitive personal details. Please refer to section 3.5 of the Complaints Procedure (

This form is for use by any student of the University, any student applicant, or by a group of students acting collectively, provided all named individuals have signed up to it. Students may seek help with submitting their complaint from YUSU’s Advice & Support team or the GSA. Please be aware that the University takes a strong view about complaints which it finds to be frivolous, vexatious or malicious. Anonymous complaints will only exceptionally be considered. Please see details given in the Complaints Procedure at the link above.
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Description of your Complaint
Please provide details of: 1. the background to your complaint, including relevant facts and events involved choronologically, together with relevant dates; 2. the issue(s) which you wish to be considered. If you have several issues, please list these and provide details of each separately.
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History of your concern
Please provide details of how you have raised these concerns so far including: a) a description of the steps you have taken to resolve this matter informally, for example, by raising it with your tutors or department; b) details and names of the people with whom you have raised this concern informally eg. your supervisor, college welfare team, Chair of Board of Studies, or other members of staff; c) the response to any attempts to have your concern addressed informally; d) the reasons why you feel that your complaint remains unresolved
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Additional Documents
Please list any additional documents you are submitting in support of your complaint. Supporting documents should be emailed to from the same email account as your complaint, and using your student number as the subject. If you are awaiting evidence to support your complaint, please indicate the date by which you expect to be able to submit the documents. Please note that a delay in providing supporting documents will likely result in a delay in investigating your complaint.
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The remedy you seek
Please tell us what remedy you seek and why you believe this remedy is appropriate.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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