Request to Hire-A-Teen
Fill out this form to request to hire a teen from our church for a variety of jobs. Some necessary acknowledgements need to be made upfront. Teens have their own unique schedules, skill sets or lack-there-of, and limitations, so there is a decent chance that we may not be able to make viable a connection between your needs and finding the teens to fulfill them. We will do our best to perform any job well, but we do not offer any guarantees. If the job needs to be performed to a high standard, is skilled labor, &/or is high risk in any way, you should look to a hiring professional.

This is a fundraiser for teens to attend ministry events through our church and so any payment suggestions are merely that, with the payment amount ultimately decided between you, the teen and their parents. Upon completion of the job, we suggest payment(s) be made through the church and made out to "SVNC", with the proper info to designate it to the teen(s) in the memo or on an envelope.

Finalizing the details of how and when the job will be performed is between the parents of the teens and you once that connection has been made through this process. Any questions can be referred to or by calling the church at 509-926-1545.

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