Summer 2020 B Class(es) with Phase Eight
Use this form to express your desire to enroll in any number of our course offerings. Please note that enrollment will not be considered complete nor ZOOM link and password shared until students have deposited their payment per the second page's instructions.

All classes are $20/hour and meet for 4 successive weeks:

"An Actor Stays Prepared" - T/Th 6-8 pm ET* beginning July 14
with JaMario Stills
4 hours/week (2 hours each in 2 class meetings)

"Wrighting a Play" - M 6-8 pm ET* beginning July 27
with Kelby Siddons
3 hours/week (2 hours in a class meeting; 1 hours' worth of individual face-time follow-up with instructor)

"Playwrights' Workshop" - W 6-8 pm ET beginning July 29
with Kelby Siddons
Pre-requisite: Wrighting a Play, instructor approval
$40/week (2 hours in a workshop; 30 minutes' worth of individual follow-up by workshop leader)

*SCHEDULING: note that class schedules are subject to change based on the availability of those enrolled. In the event that not everyone's requests can be reasonably accommodated for a scheduling change, we will proceed with the schedule as advertised.

Students can save 8% by purchasing a full course in advance.
Students can save an additional 8% by purchasing all classes ("Actor", "Wrighting") in advance.

Phase Eight reserves the right to require a minimum enrollment or cap class enrollment to ensure a positive student experience. Should this be necessary, we'll treat students on a first-come, first-serve basis and be in touch about upcoming classes or alternate means of engagement. Currently, we seek classes of 3-10 learners.
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These training sessions are intended for artists 18+. Creatives younger than 18 will be considered on an individual basis and provided with additional paperwork for guardian consent.
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