Midwest Climb Camp Registration & Skills Inventory
Thank you for your interest in skilling up for earth defense!
Every person who is planning to attend must fill out this form and send in a $40 deposit so that we have enough gear and trainers. The deposit will cover basic expenses and help provide travel stipends for those in need. Donations and deposits may be sent to @KVEF785 on Venmo. Please email us at midwestclimbcamp@protonmail.com with further questions, comments or needs. Exact location and other details will be sent to attendees closer to the date of the camp. The closest major airport is STL-Lambert in St. Louis.
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Please list two people who can vouch for you, and their phone numbers (we use Signal) *
Gear you can bring (If you've never heard of these don't stress! We have gear on loan)
Please check how comfortable you are with the following skills so we can have trainers and gear ready
never heard of
heard of
tried once or twice
comfortable doing
Can train others
putting on a climbing harness
checking harnesses, carabiners, and rope for safety
using Prussiks to ascend, descend a rope
rappeling down a rope (ATC or 8)
using a throw bag to set a rope in a tree
girthing up a tree
setting a wrap 3 pull 2 anchor
setting a tensionless hitch anchor
setting up a platform
hauling up a platform
Do you need a travel stipend? *
Are you for sure coming to the camp? *
Do you understand the following about COVID-19 related risks?
What should our trainers know in order to help you learn? Do you need any accommodations?
Do you need to carpool? Other considerations?
Can you bring extra food to share with campers in addition to covering your own meals?
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