Craft Night - Sign Up
Please sign up for this month's adult craft program to guarantee your spot!

Date: June 28th at 6 pm

Registration required. Limit 20.

The supplies will be picked up from the library and the how-to will take place on Zoom. We will email you when the supplies are ready and send out the link to Zoom via email. Most supplies will be provided – you will need scissors, water, and a container to put the water in.
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If you send me the graphic/quote that you like (as long as it is an image with no background), we can use that for your decal. Feel free to email me and I can help you with a decal if you want to pick your own and aren't quite sure what to do. Otherwise, you can choose from one of the following options if you'd like to be surprised!
What image/word(s) would you like on your decal?
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Feel free to add more decal information if you want (ie. dolphin versus turtle) here:
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