A Sacred Passing: Abortion Companion Training - Call for Speaker(s) / Panel
Thank you for your support in this endeavor to educate future abortion doulas. A Sacred Passing (ASP) exists to support end-of-life caregivers for those experiencing transitions around life and death. ASP is currently in the process of finalizing our abortion companion curriculum and training. We are looking for speakers to contribute to do two panels that will likely take place in July 2021 (exact dates TBD). To learn more about ASP, visit us at www.asacredpassing.org.

Do you have any of the following experiences?
1. Helpers or doulas who have supported folks terminating pregnancies.
2. Folks who have personally experienced terminating a pregnancy of their own.

Panel participation is paid and will take 1-1.5 hours. Please complete this survey to help us understand where you identify and your interest for participating. It is absolutely okay if you fall in all of them and would like to participate in both panels. That's what makes life rich. Completing this form does not confirm your participation on the panel and dates are currently TBD.
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