Change-Maker Initiative Application
in honor of cultivating diversity, promoting inclusivity and creating a cohesive atmosphere of
convergence & networking for Social/Environmental Impact Leaders.
Legal Name
Do you have a preferred name that you be referenced by?
What are your pronouns?
Email address
What is a good contact number to reach you?
What interests you about attending CoLab Campout?
list below any links to associated works or projects that you are involved with. You are invited to share a short description about yourself and/or your work.
What is your superpower?
What is your Instagram Username and Facebook Profile link?
What makes you most proud about yourself, at this time in your life?
Have you ever been to an experience like Colab Campout before? If so, what experience was it, and what did you like about it?
Would you say that you live an environmentally friendly or regenerative lifestyle? If so, how? If not, what do you want to experience or learn about the most?
Why do you feel you should receive the partial scholarship? ( we invite you to tell us about yourself, your goals, visions, dreams, and passions )
What is one thing you hope to take out of the Colab experience, and back into your community?
Have you ever attended Colab Campout before? Were you an attendee, support staff, or collaborator?
What is your ethnic identity?
what is something you would love to experience at Colab?
what is your age?
What Scholarship qualification(s) apply to you? Select both, if both apply.
Which Marginalized demographic(s) are you identified as belonging to?
What was your experience of this survey, and our application process? Constructive feedback is welcome and invited. We value our fellow collaborators and want to cultivate an atmosphere that is supportive and expansive.
How did you hear about CoLab Campout?
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