WELCOME! Quick Instructions and Tips.
The goal of these questions is to help me decide on things to further research/ask questions about so that I can create teaching activities and blog posts. I hope to learn a lot about the many people I encounter every day and spread that knowledge and desire with others! Feel free to share as much or as little as you want in response to each question! Answers can be a few words, lists, or tell me a whole big story and description of the thing in question! The more, the merrier, but every little bit helps! And if you think of anything else amazing in your country that I don't ask for specifically, always feel free to reach out to me or to just jot it down in place of another question. Thank you, thank you!!!
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What country are you from? *
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How many years have you lived in your native country? *
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What is the most widely celebrated holiday in your country? (List as many as three) *
What is a special holiday tradition that most people keep in your country? (Feel free to give as much detail as you like for any holidays you previously listed) *
What is a popular (and child-friendly) story/folktale/proverb/poem from your country? (Examples: Baba Yaga, La Llorona, Sima Guang, Paul Bunyan)
What is one example of a type of food that you enjoyed as a child unique to your country? *
If I were to come visit your native country, is there a landmark or place would you insist I should see? *
Are there any jobs that are unique to your native country? (special types of crops/agriculture, transportation, labor) *
Are there any animals unique to your country that we might see if we visit? *
Do people in your country play any games that are unique? *
Who is someone famous I should know about from your native country? *
Do people in your country tend to be stereotyped a certain way by others? (Examples: Loud, fashionable, hospitable, closed-off, bossy, smart, optimistic) *
Do you think your cultural heritage/family history has affected who you are? If so, please explain. *
The Plan: Read Carefully
Thank you for participating! If you enjoyed this opportunity to boast about your motherland/fatherland/homeland, wherever it may be, please share this with more friends from around the world! I want children to be more aware of all the wonderful talents and experiences and knowledge that people around the world have to offer. This is just Step One.

From here, I will be creating a blog and a lesson/activity plan that compliment each other. It will be something that I want everyone to have access to, but I have a lot of work to do before publishing anything. So, please answer the following questions to let me know if you would like to be further involved. Thanks again!
Based on the text above, would you be willing to participate in simple videos where we sing songs, read stories, make recipes, or talk about combining cultures? *
Based on the text above, would you be willing to submit a self-portrait, or stand for a photo to be used in a coloring page? (More details will be sent, but I want to make you famous too!)
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If you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, please leave a way for me to contact you here (phone, email, or social media handle) :
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