EWB EE Mentor Application 2017-2018
The Evolving Engineering (EE) Mentorship Program aims to create connections and share knowledge between youth studying engineering disciplines and experienced, professional engineers. Students in the engineering program, the mentees, connect with professors, people from industry, and graduate students, the mentors. Mentors and mentees meet one-on-one and interact with other people in the mentorship program through networking events.

1. Studying engineering: at graduate level or undergraduate level at the University of Calgary, in academia, or in industry
2. Passed the application process
3. Involved within the EWB community or greater Calgary community
4. Able to participate in an Orientation/Social in October , one-on-one meetings with their mentor every month from November to March, or a Networking Event in January
5. Willing to share their expertise and experiences from pursuing studies or working in the engineering field
6. Willing to share their contact information to mentees
7. Respectful to program organizers and mentees
8. Reliable in communications with program organizers and mentees

Why Join?
· Get involved and learn more about Engineers Without Borders
· Develop mentoring, networking and leadership skills, notable on your resume
· Join a community of people who are passionate and inspired about engineering
· Play a role in shaping the futures of young engineering students
· Make connections and share your voice and advice as a more experienced person in the field
· Through personal development, gain an understanding of what it means to be a professional and global-minded engineer
· Gain community service hours that you can put on your co-curricular record and/or resume

General Information
Note: personal information will be kept confidential, and contact information will only be shared with your paired mentee or for contact purposes only.
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Experience and Interest
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As a mentor in this program, what experiences and skills can you bring to a mentee? *
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What are some notable challenges you have faced in the STEM field, and how did you respond to them? *
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Is there a specific type of mentee that you believe may benefit from your mentorship? Please list some qualities or interests that mentee may have. *
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Time Commitment
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