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Consumer has been creating solutions for the food sector for 10 years. Recommended by Google, it has more than 30 thousand active customers using its solutions.

Consumer has a free version and several additional features in a PREMIUM version to help restaurant management and success.

See below some of Consumer's main solutions:

* MenuDino: Free Delivery Site and Own App for Restaurants
* Complete Management System, Orders, Inventory and Reports
* Mobile commands for the Waiter to place orders at the table
* QR Code menu for table orders.
* Kitchen Production Monitor.
* Consumer Connect to track online reports on mobile.
* Smart Delivery, logistics tool for a champion delivery.
* Delivery delivery app, application to manage delivery people in real time.
* Tax Issuer: Solution for tax issue.

With our global expansion, we are looking for partners who can support restaurants in implementing our solutions.

Partners with all their knowledge of local markets can help merchants choose and configure a complete and easy-to-operate solution.

Advantages of being a partner:

* You will obtain the Consumer Partners certification, which can and should be shared on your website and social media.

* You will prefer to be notified in advance of updates.

* Preferred support for solving doubts and suggestions with the Consumer team.

* The right to charge its customers for additional services such as consultancy, equipment configuration and IT assistance.

* Exclusive coupon with discounts and special conditions to share with your customers for new subscriptions.

Partner commitment:

* Additional services charged by the partner, such as consultancies, solution configurations, technical and IT support, must be offered in addition to the restaurant.

* The signature of the solution must be done exclusively with the restaurant's data. E-mail and password defined by the restaurant owner.
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