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"You're the Star" is a month long blog hop that has different feature categories every week.  This is NOT a themed LinkyParty because anytime during each month , each BlogHopper may link up any family-friendly blog post.  The "themed" part comes during the cohosts features.  There will be 4 different cohost teams.  See details below:

- There will be 1 host per week & 3 cohosts per week – so total per week= 4 (host/cohosts)
- Total hosts/cohosts per month = 16 hosts/cohosts (4 hosts & 12 cohosts)
- It will be open for 1 month (and FYI there will be a Bible verse at the bottom of the link-up portion which is an option provided by the "Linky service")
- There will be a different feature theme each week.
- Week#1 will be GARDEN WEEK (gardening, homesteading, preserving & recycling), Week#2 will be CREATIVITY WEEK (arts & crafts, writing, music & dramatic arts), Week#3 will be FAMILY WEEK (parenting, finances, fitness & inspirational) and Week#4 will be HOME WEEK (recipes, home décor, antiques/DIY & travel).
Bloggers can link up any “family friendly” category post any day/week of the month, however, each week will be different in the feature section – only those categories mentioned above will be featured during that specific week.
- I (Angie from God's Growing Garden) will provide the code for everyone
- All Hosts/CoHosts will post on every Monday of each month.  HOWEVER, during your feature week – your posts will be different from the rest of our posts because you will have features.  Example: During week#1 GARDEN – I (Angie) will be the Host of Garden week & we will eventually have 3 cohosts – all 4 of the Week#1 team will pick our favorite post from the previous month link-ups that fit within this theme of garden (gardening, homesteading, preserving & recycling).  I (Angie) will create a post that will include week#1 features only for the week#1 team, the remaining week#2,3 & 4 teams will have a post that will direct visitors to the week#1 team blogs to view the features (all posts will still include the linky but for features will be directed to the specific week team).  And so on & so forth for the remaining weeks of each month changing the feature each week.
- Starting in October there will be a giveaway but I (Angie) will be opening this up as a BloggerOpp to anyone – not just hosts/cohosts.  AND, our blog hop post will only have a small mention & link to the giveaway (which will be on a different page) – that way the giveaway WON’T take up so much post space (Hosts & Cohosts are welcome to contribute to these giveaways)

- Post the blog hop every Monday of every month (I will provide the code)
- If the linky portion does NOT work once your post is live – you will need to email Angie ASAP
- Promote on all social media sites that you participate in
- Respond to your Host’s email with your feature choice within the allotted time
- Participating in the giveaway is optional but promoting the giveaway is encouraged

FYI - In the past I have had issues with google docs - If you do not receive an email response from me (Angie) within a few days of you adding your information then please send an email to: with "You're the Star Cohost" in the subject line (Thank You)

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