Lending Agreement 2019
Equipment Needed

This list is subject to change.

Flat-Screens Television (Must have HDMI inputs) (20)
CRT TV's (6)

Flat-Screen Computer Monitors (Must have HDMI inputs) (8)
Desktop Computers (Must be able to play League of legends) (6)

Playstation 4 (4)
Playstation 4 Controllers (14)
Playstation 3 (1)
Playstation 3 Controllers (4)

XBOX 360 (1)
XBOX 360 Controllers (4)
XBOX One (2)
XBOX One Controllers (4)

WII U (4)
WII U Controllers (16)
WII U Game Pad (4)
Nintendo Switch (4)
Nintendo Switch joy con (8)

N64 (4)
N64 Controllers (8)

GameCube (4)
GameCube Controllers (10)

All games are currently being accepted.
Mature games will be accepted on a case basis.

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KuroNekoCon 2019 Lending Agreement
This Contract in entered by and between the KuroNeko Cultural Association (referred to below as KNCA) and You (referred to below as the Second Party). This contract outlines the specific terms and conditions involving the lending of equipment and/or items owned by the Second Party to the Gaming Rooms at KuroNekoCon 2019.

The terms of this Agreement are as follows:

I. Location
Gaming Rooms 100A
Spokane Convention Center,
334 W Spokane Falls Blvd,
Spokane, WA 99201

II. Dates
Friday August 9th, 2019 - Sunday August 11th, 2019

III. Time
Equipment must be delivered to the Location no later than 9:00 PM on Thursday August 8th.

Highly encouraged but not required. Pickup of equipment will be available if requested at the time of filling this document. Pickup days are Monday August 5th, Tuesday August 6th, and Wednesday August 7th. Pickup will be scheduled with the Gaming Director. Limited to the Spokane and surrounding areas.

Removal of equipment may begin at 4:00 PM Sunday August 11th and must be completed by 07:00 PM Sunday August 11th.

Delivery of loaned equipment is available if requested at the time of filling this document. Equipment will be dropped off by Saturday August 17th.

IV. Policies
The Second Party must follow all policies set forth by KNCA in respect to attendees, guests, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, artists, and all other associates involved with KNCA. The Second Party must also follow all policies set forth by the Spokane Convention Center.

Please refer to: https://KuroNekoCon.com/policies and

V. Loans
The Second Party agrees to loan items and/or equipment to KNCA's Gaming Room. The details and amounts of which will be listed in the "Items to be Loaned" section below.

VI. Payment
The Second Party will receive no monetary compensation for the above-mentioned support. KNCA agrees to provide the Second Party with the following:

a. If staff, there will be no form of payment. Thank you very much for your contribution to the Gaming Rooms!!

b. If not staff, KNCA will provide up to two (2) complementary attendee memberships to the Second Party. Those qualified for two will be notified beforehand. Please get a hold of me at Gaming@kuronekocon.com.

VII. Damage of Equipment

If in the case that the use of equipment provided by the Second Party at KuroNekoCon 2019 results in damages, intentional or accidental, that exceed those expected to be caused by a normal amount of use, KNCA agrees that it will either:

a) Provide a monetary sum equal to the retail value of the damaged equipment, or
b) Replace the piece of equipment.

The Second Party will have until the date of September, 9th, 2019 to claim damage or loss of their equipment at KuroNekoCon 2019. After this date, no claims to damaged or missing equipment made by the Second Party will be considered valid and no replacement equipment or monetary amount will be provided by KNCA. To make a claim contact us at Gaming@kuronekocon.com

VIII: Labeling
The Second Party is responsible for labeling loaned items. Item labels must include first and last name. Controllers are the exception as they will be tracked by their serial numbers.

IX: Inspection of Console
The Second Party must inspect their own consoles before drop off or pick up to ensure there are no undocumented games in the console.

X: Minor Policy
No Minors will be allowed to loan items or equipment to KNCA's Gaming Rooms.

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