Interval Workout Participants Survey
Hello Parents, to better serve each participant abilities, we ask that you fill this short form. Thank you
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1. Participant First and Last Name *
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2. Participant age *
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3. Participant can express him/herself in whole sentences *
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4. Participant can understand and follow visual demonstration *
5. Participant is able to remember multiple-step instructions *
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6. Participant has difficulty acquiring new motor skills *
7. Participant Eye/Hand coordination level *
8. Balance problems; for instance, has difficulty standing on one leg *
9. Difficulty handling, assembling and manipulating small objects *
10. Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities *
11. Able to follow verbal directions with modeling independently? *
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12. Does the participant has any physical limitation? *
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12. I confirm that my child is in good health and can take part in an Interactive Workout at interval. I understand that; if any medical changes occur with my child health. I am required to provide Maagalim a physician medical authorization in order to participate in Maagalim activities. *
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