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Hello friends!!

We've put together a short survey to get your input in building the perfect retreat for you in 2020! You will also be the first to get access to our early bird rates when we launch this incredible retreat.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this survey - we can't wait to adventure with you!


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Negril, Jamaica - Raha's Retreat w/Beebodi Winter 2020
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1. Which year would you like to Travel? *
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Do you like the idea of: Meals, Fitness & Meditation Classes, Tours, Airport Transfers and other activities included/scheduled as a GROUP? *
What would you like to focus on during the retreat? Activities, Activations, Engagements
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3. What price point are you willing to pay for this 5 or 7 day international retreat? *
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When the time comes, and all is confirmed. Are you willing to make a non-refundable deposit of $500 secure your retreat? *
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What are your sentiments about Cannabis? *not included, not automatic just would like your input, THANK YOU!*
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If you are a Cannabis Enthusiast there are number of ways in which we can make it available to you during the retreat. Please select your interest:
Amenities:: Let's Talk. During the RETREAT, we are exposed to natural elements. How important is are the conveniences of 1st WORLD ACCOMMODATIONS to you? *
Not Important. Humble & Open
Very Important. Standards & Comfort
What is most important to you? *
Check your preferences/requests during the retreat. (note: there is NO Guarantee that all Requests will be fulfilled, however this helps w/planning) *
Are you a peoples person? How well do you function in Groups? *
Not too WELL. I like to Roam Solo
GREAT. Total People's Person
How important is time to you? *
Not important. I am Willing to Go with the FLOW.
Important. I am a stickler for Timeliness.
Please provide any feedback, comments, questions or inquiries about this retreat below. About any matter....we are listening.
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