World Bank Loan Application
Prior to submitting this loan application, kindly familiarise yourself with the information below:

Stages of the OxIMUN 2019 WORLD BANK Loan Cycle:

1. Preparation:

Identifying the need for WORLD BANK Financing, the government(s) responsible for preparation, key stakeholders, and target beneficiaries. Following this stage, a half-page note covering the economic, technical, social, environmental aspects of the loan being sought is prepared and potential risks and safeguard issues are identified.

2. Appraisal:

Involves confirming the expected outcomes of the program/project to be financed; reviewing economic, technical, environmental, social, and fiduciary aspects; and agreeing on the institutional arrangements to implement the program/project and timelines.

3. Online Application:

Completion of the form below with the required information.

3. Review/Negotiation:

Resolution of any outstanding issues from the appraisal stage, financing and disbursement arrangements and terms and conditions. This process is initiated through the formal introduction of an application by the WORLD BANK Directors to the WORLD BANK Executive Board. If deemed necessary, requests for funding for committee projects shall be followed by a hearing of the sponsors’ pitch. WORLD BANK reserves the right to propose counter offers with different terms and conditions at any point during the review stage.

4. Approval or Rejection:

Approval or rejection of program/project and financing documents by the Executive Board of the WORLD BANK

5. Signing

Signing of legal financing agreements by the WORLD BANK and the loan grantee(s).

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