WCBU 2017 Media Accreditation
Accreditation is subject to approval of the WFDF/TOC Media Officers.

Please fill out fields below before June 1, 2017. If you have any questions, please email Volker Bernardi, WFDF Executive Director, at ed@wfdf.org.

For each accreditation request a passport portrait picture will be required. Please include a link below or send a portrait to ed@wfdf.org.
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WFDF Media Guidelines
1. This licence allows the licence holder to photograph/film games of the above mentioned event provided they follow the terms of use laid out below. Any violation of these terms could result in the license being withdrawn immediately.

2. The licence sticker must be applied to the camera at all times. It must not be modified and/or transferred to any other device. The licence sticker and the corresponding licence are property of WFDF and the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) of the event and must be returned upon request.Its issuing is at the sole discretion of the WFDF/TOC. The Licence sticker is to identify the camera which may be used for photographing/filming.

5. The Licence may be withdrawn without explanation.

6. The Licence holder must remain at least 5 metres from the playing field proper, which will be defined by marked lines. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of WFDF.

7. The licence holder releases WFDF/TOC from any claim and liability for any accident or damage caused on his/her properties or the properties of third persons.

11. The licence holder assures to respect the rules of WFDF/TOC and the authorities as stated in the entry form and the official manual and the WFDF event regulations. A violation of these rules may lead to immediate withdrawal of the licence without any compensation.

12. The licence holder declares consent to be filmed and photographed during the event. The licence holder is informed that the images and films may be used for TV and Internet footage and that there will be no compensation for the usage of the material and declares consent to these regulations.
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