Inventory Feedback Form
You can use this form to provide feedback regarding RSpace's Inventory Alpha. You can access the Alpha release at the following link:

All questions are optional!
Do you have any general feedback regarding Inventory?
What do you like about Inventory?
What do you dislike about Inventory?
Did you encounter any bugs? If so, please describe what the issues were.
How intuitive is the interface to navigate, can you easily find how to accomplish specific actions?
Not intuitive at all
Very intuitive
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Do you feel confident that you could learn to use this interface without supervision to accurately record sample information?
Not at all
Very much so
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If you've tried Inventory on a mobile device, do you have any feedback about the mobile interface?
Do you have feedback on the inventory documentation (, did you find it helpful?
Are there any core features that are missing from the current development roadmap?
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