The Heritage Cookbook - Recipe Testing Submission Form
Hi everyone, in anticipation of my next cookbook's release, I'm opening up recipe testing to the public.

This book will focus on recipes developed to align best with your individual heritage and DNA ancestry results.  As such, I've developed recipes from all over the world, highlighting the unique ancestral makeup of the US population (and giving similar consideration for readers living in countries with historically high immigration, like Canada and Australia).  This book is a massive undertaking (300+ recipes!) and has taken over two years to put together - I'm excited to see how you like it!

I ask that you choose one recipe, from your individual ancestry (or as close to it as you can guess).  I realize that many Americans (myself included!) are of mixed heritage, or may not be 100% sure; feel free to choose what suits you the best. If you'd like a second recipe, you are welcome to choose something that you find interesting regardless of origin.  Please note that some recipes have subrecipes; for example, Shrimp & Grits has subrecipes of Homestyle Grits and Mixed Greens.

First, consult this Recipe List ( - this spreadsheet is large, so it's better to open it with your home computer than with your phone) and pick the recipe(s) you'd like to test. We will then email you the recipe within 48 hours, along with a link to our feedback form.  Recipes are categorized by difficulty, and hard-to-find ingredients are also listed.  We need feedback on the recipe by January 28th, so please don't delay!  The sooner you send in your feedback, the better.

I'd love your help in sharing the word about this new book! Definitely share photos and your thoughts with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and feel free to use the hashtag #heritagecooking. I only ask that you keep the actual recipes to yourself, since the final product may change before the book publishes.

Thank you for your support, and enjoy the food!
Russ Crandall

*** Allergen information: please note that because this book is closely tied to genetic studies and food history, there is a likelihood that some ancient items native to a specific region (wheat in the Middle East, dairy in Europe, or corn in the Americas) will be included in recipes.  This is not necessarily a Paleo, Primal, Whole30, AIP, or even gluten-free cookbook - instead, it will be focused on helping you find a personalized approach to diet for your unique heritage. To accommodate today's evolving dietary challenges, I've listed common allergens in the Recipe List that you'll find in the form (including annotation for recipes where gluten-free substitutions are provided).  When developing recipes with wheat, I used ancient einkorn wheat (available on Amazon), which has a low gluten content.

*** RETESTING: If you've tested your first batch of recipes but are interested in trying a few more, please choose one or two dishes that are highlighted in yellow, and make a note in your submission (under "Questions and Comments") that this is your second round of testing.  Thanks!
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What do you consider to be your region of ancestral origin? *
Ancestry is defined by ethnic descent, and not nationality.  For example, someone of German ancestry living in America would consider Germany to be their region of ancestral origin.  You may select more than one!
What is the first recipe you would like to test? *
Please choose a recipe that aligns with your individual ancestry.  The recipe list is available here:
What is the second recipe you would like to test?
If you would like to test a second (optional) recipe, it may be of any origin you choose.
** BONUS: Which "Breads & Basics" recipe would you like to try?
If you would also like to test one of the recipes from the "Breads & Basics" section, it won't count against your other recipes.
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Questions and comments
Upon submitting this form, you will receive an email from my wife Janey within 48 hours.  Included in the email will be the recipe(s) plus a link to our recipe feedback form.  Please submit feedback by January 28th, 2018.  Thank you again!
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