Designing for equity & inclusion in digital health
Join us to learn and connect with a multidisciplinary community of health sector professionals working to harness data's power in healthcare and ensure that all innovation strives to be fair and inclusive. We will support participants in understanding how health data can benefit health outcomes, and also perpetuate disparities and even cause harm to already vulnerable and marginalized communities.

We approach this work with curiosity and compassion and help leaders across the health system steward equity and design inclusive digital health solutions.

⏰ Four-part learning series: September 12, 14, 19, and 21 from 12-1pm EST over Zoom. ⏰

This learning experience is limited to 50 health sector professionals to create conditions for dialogue and interaction. We welcome individuals working across the system including designers, developers, health care management, clinicians, policymakers, and health tech innovators.

Over the four sessions we will bring together research and industry experts to discuss topics including:

💡A comprehensive approach to health data management focusing on the determinants of health  
💡 The spectrum of technologies used to collect health data
💡 The concept of surveillance as an artifact of health data use and perceptions of surveillance across different communities
💡 Building a shared language around equity and inclusion in the design of digital health solutions
💡 The digital literacy divide and unpacking informed consent in digital health
💡 Structures for patient data ownership, transparency, and accountability
💡 Governance and regulatory challenges

These dialogues will be facilitated with infographics and case studies that professionals can take back to their teams. We anticipate that these dialogues will help leaders to steward ongoing reflection on equitable and ethical data use within and among their respective organizations and sectors.

🤝 Our team: This learning series is produced by a group of interdisciplinary researchers based at Western University in Canada and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Learn more about our team at the end of this form. For additional information you can contact Dr. Lorie Donelle, PhD, Arthur Labatt Family Chair in Nursing Research at

We look forward to learning with you!
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More about our work:
Our team’s active research activities in this space include (1) a scoping review of the academic and grey literature of pandemic-related digital surveillance strategies, and (2) a content analysis of global media publications to explore the effective, equitable, and ethical collection and use of health data during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our research has identified a vast range of health data being collected and used globally. Furthermore, we have uncovered pressing concerns regarding the efficacy of technologies, the potential risks of technology use to data security and privacy, and the potential or witnessed harms against marginalized groups including racialized, criminalized, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Our work in pandemic related digital surveillance has also been guided by ongoing consultation with an advisory board consisting of community leaders in hospitals, tech start-up companies, research, and government ecosystems in healthcare. Through these consultations, we have heard that today’s systems leaders are overwhelmed with reports and research findings and require time to integrate concepts rather than consume more information. This is especially true for complex topics like ethical and equitable health data use. The biggest challenges that emerged were a lack of shared language around health data and the ethics of surveillance and a lack of space to critically engage with these topics within organizations.

Our industry advisors also shared that beyond research and information, networks and relationships are critical to support this kind of stewardship inside health systems. Without structures for professionals to intentionally learn, explore and integrate conversations about equitable and ethical health data use, our advisors expressed concerns of unintentional harm to patients and the public as digital health agendas accelerate. They were also clear that this requires more than a one-time conference or event. We have designed this learning series and community with this in mind.

Our learning community, The Health in All Data Collective, was born out of these conversations. We exist to support health system professionals to think critically about harnessing the power of health data. We approach this work with curiosity and compassion and help leaders across the health system steward equity and design inclusive digital health solutions.

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