Buteiful Coasts Survey
Across the Firth of Clyde there are currently proposals for the expansion of 2 fish farms, Ardyne and Carradale, the former owned by the Scottish Salmon Company and the latter by MOWI (formerly Marine Harvest) as well as proposals for 6 new fish farms. DawnFresh Foods is proposing trout fish farms at Ardentinny, Great Cumbrae, Wee Cumbrae and Hawks Neb on Bute; Scottish Salmon Company is proposing a mega 20 cage farm off the northeast coast of Arran; MOWI is proposing a salmon farm south of Carradale.
Known Clyde fish farm projects under planning
Why this survey
Buteiful Coasts is a group that has come together to specifically oppose the farm proposed at Hawks Neb on Bute as well as generally support groups opposing the fish farms proposed across the Clyde and throughout Scotland. This questionnaire is meant to gather the views of Bute’s residents and visitors as to the impacts the proposed fish farms would have
1. on their ability to use and enjoy the water/land/visual amenity at/near the proposed sites
2 . on marine life and the environment
3. on jobs and tourism to the island.

Buteiful Coasts plans to use the information gathered from this survey to support a letter writing campaign to MSPs. Buteiful Coasts will publish a summary of the results on its website.
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