Catalyst Regional Meeting Host Chapter Interest Form
Any chapter or colony interested in hosting the Catalyst Regional Meeting at their institution should complete the following form by August 20, 2016. Host chapters/colonies will be selected by August 22nd. Responsibilities of host chapters are listed below but all selected chapters will receive a detailed checklist prior to planning the event.

Any chapter or colony may apply but preferred locations are listed below.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Confirm a date that works for host chapter, institution, and headquarters staff.
2. Secure three locations all located in the same campus building, preferably close to one another.
3. Secure a location for check-in.
4. Order food for event lunch and purchase snacks for participants (paid for by HQ).
5. Manage the marketing and promotion of the event.
6. Confirm AV and room set-up needs with university.
7. Create signage and provide parking details for participants.
8. Offer a social gathering following the event for any interested active or alumni member.

Preferred Locations & Timeline:
End of September: Indianapolis
Beginning of October: Atlanta
End of October: Michigan
Beginning of February: Milwaukee
End of February: Pittsburgh & Monterrey
Beginning of March: Dallas
Middle of March: Denver

Chapter/Colony Name:
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Event Contact Information
Please provide the contact information that will be the main point of contact for planning the Regional Catalyst Meeting with the Director of Leadership Programs
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Event Details
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Please select the months you would be able to host a Catalyst Regional Meeting
Please provide a short description of why you are interested in hosting the Catalyst Regional Meeting at your campus?
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Please provide a short description of why you feel you are the most eligible to host the Catalyst Regional Meeting at your campus?
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What building on campus do you plan to host the event?
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Are you willing to assist with the marketing and promotions of this event to other chapters and colonies?
What are potential places to cater lunch for the event?
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Can you commit to having 50% or more of your chapter membership in attendance?
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