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Smålands Nation will have an organized novisch-period spring of 2022 and we want you to be a part of that!

Being a Fadder means taking care of the new students, the novisches, that's a part of our novisch-weeks. As a fadder you are responsible for the well being of your group, making sure that they follow the plan and of course make sure that they get to now Smålands, Lund and each other.

DEADLINE 26/12-21
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Are you going to be available from the 31th of January to the 12th of February? *
Are you a member at Smålands Nation? *
Are you comfortable with speaking english? *
Tell us a little bit about yourself! *
Do you have any experience in being a leader of a group? *
Have you been active at Smålands in any way? *
Why do you want to be a fadder for Smålands novisch-period? *
Smålands Nation is a feminist, anti-racist and socialist nation where no kind of discrimination or oppression is tolerated. As a fadder you have an important role representing Smålands. Do you understand and agree with this ideology? *
When being a fadder you have to agree to the "novisch-frid" this means that there can be no sexual and/or romantic approaches with the novisches, do you agree with this? *
Being a fadder means that you will be in an environment where drinking occurs but you can not under any circumstances force, compel or bait novisches in to drinking, do you understand and agree to this? *
What is your personal relationship to alcohol? *
How would you handle a conflict between novisches? *
Do you have any ideas for the novisch-period?
Will you be able to come to the mandatory information meeting the 15th of January? *
Are you interested in coming to our fadder-kickoff after the mandatory information meeting the 15th of January? *
Due to Corona regulations we ask you if you're double vaccinated *
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