MANGO LASSI 2019 Application
Welcome to our 2019 application! We are so glad for your interest. LASSI 2019 will take place Friday, August 2nd - Sunday, August 4th at Audobon Center in Los Angeles, CA. Initiated by MANGO LASSI, Mango represents our values -- Manifest, Affirm, Nurture, Grow, Organize. LASSI, or, Los Angeles Solidarity Summer Institute, is our annual summer retreat held for youth ages 16 - 25 of South Asian descent and diaspora.

We honor mixed identities, and South Asian diaspora that have journeyed through the Caribbean, African countries, Southeast Asia and other lands as well.

We ask the questions below to get to know you and to gauge your knowledge and interest in participating.

We want to acknowledge that we ask you how you identify through, both, self-determined and inherited identities. We understand that some of these questions are sensitive and may feel vulnerable to disclose the information. So, we ask that you write "decline to state" if you don't feel comfortable sharing this information with us. As a collective we respect your right to not disclose identity related questions.

Answering any and all of these questions will help us tailor resources as needed for our diverse mix of applicants.

Please respond to all of the following questions by May 15th to apply for the program. Thank you!
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