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Tell us your group's composition, score, and how they achieved that score!  Did any initiatives improve the group's score a ton?  Who scored the most points?  Who scored the fewest?
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Tell us what you thought of the RePlay Health sport!
What about the gameplay didn't quite work?
(Things you found odd, or confusing, or unoriginal, etc.)
What about the gameplay worked well?
(Elements that you liked, that you hadn't seen before in other games, etc.)
What is at least 1 thing you would change about the gameplay to make it better?
What aspects of health systems represented in the game didn’t work?
(Aspects that you thought were modeled innacurately, unimportant to model, etc.)
What aspects of health systems represented in the game worked well?
(Aspects that you liked, or you thought were accurate or well-modeled.)
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