20 Anthros in 30 Days Promotion
My last "15 Ferals in 15 Days" promotion worked out pretty nicely, so I've decided to do a slightly larger one for ANTHRO characters. See my style guide here for what I consider an "anthro" to be: https://zelaphas.deviantart.com/art/Zelaphas-Anthro-Style-Guide-672706775

This promotion is for full-body drawings only, no busts or headshots.

My 20 Anthros in 30 Days also features a price DISCOUNT only for anthro creatures and only during this promotion. Those supporting me on Patreon (https://patreon.com/zelaphas) also get an additional $3 off. So get in quickly!

- Sketch: Usually $30, now $25
- Grayscale: Usually $45, now $35
- Full Details: Usually $75+, now $65

All pieces are SFW only, but I'm happy to draw snarling/violent characters.

Which commission type would you like?
Please link to your character's reference sheet(s), and/or write a description of your character:
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Do you have a particular pose or expression in mind, or are you okay with Artist's Choice?
(Example: Anthro with SMALL WEAPON and CLOTHES added)
Would you like clothes, accessories, weapons or other props added?
Would you like a simple background added, such as mountains or forest (Grayscale and Full Details commissions only)?
Does your character have wings?
What is your PayPal email?
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What email can I send the completed commission to?
Totally OPTIONAL question: Where did you hear about my Anthros promotion?
You don't need to answer, but if you do you'll be helping me and my business a ton. So, thanks!
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