2019-2020 8th Grade Shadow Sign-Ups
In order to Shadow at St. Anthony's High School, students must either be 8th graders registered for the Catholic High School, 8th graders who have taken the Catholic High School Entrance Exam, or prospective transfer students who have submitted an application for Admission. Please provide the request information below and submit. You will receive a confirmation email 1 week prior to your shadow date.

For each shadow date, parents will drop students off at 9:55am and pick up at 1pm. Shadowing students will have 1-2 student hosts selected from the Friar Faithful. Shadowing students will experience 4 class periods, at least one being a free period. Shadowing Students will be provided a $10 lunch card.

Male Shadow Attire: Button down shirt and tie, khakis or dress slacks, dress shoes. No sneakers. No earrings.
Female Shadow Attire: Dress, knee-length skirt and blouse, or dress pants. No jeans or stretch pants. Dress shoes. No Uggs. No sneakers.

Shadows must adhere to all rules and policies in each classroom and throughout the school. Shadows are expected to be attentive participants in each class. Any incident of insubordination or disrespect shown by the shadow could affect his or her admission status.

All shadowing students should bring a book or homework in case they attend a class that is taking a test.

The Admissions Office will contact you 1 week prior to your scheduled shadow date to confirm that you will still be attending.
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