Sign on: We demand accountability for abuse in our Seattle Public Schools:
We, the undersigned, are shocked at the reports of ongoing abuse of students in the Seattle Public Schools. The response from our district leadership, including Superintendent Denise Juneau, as well as the SPS Board of Directors' President Zachary DeWolf, has been woefully inadequate.

The reports that students complaints have been ignored, the lack of screening for new hires, the decisions by human resources to retain staff after complaints have been substantiated, and the shifting of blame for this responsibility is unacceptable.

We demand that the Board and the Superintendent publicly take ownership of this crisis of trust in our public school system.

We demand that the Board and the Superintendent publicly take a zero-tolerance approach to any retaliation for reports of any wrongdoing in the district.

We demand that the Board re-convene and reschedule their meeting for February 5th, to hear the concerns of parents and members of the community, and their children if they so wish.

To cancel a public meeting days after these revelations represents a complete disconnect from the principles of transparency and accountability. Carefully vetted e-mails from your communications department will not be accepted as a means to paper over this institutional irresponsibility. We need to see you address this crisis.

We demand direct answers, and a forum to ask questions in a manner that we are accustomed to, and our request is reasonable. Reinstate the February 5th Board meeting to deal with these issues, and provide extended public comment to hear from parents, taxpayers, and in the case of the Board itself, your constituents.


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