HCDDS Communications Survey
This survey will help us understand how different audiences receive information about Hamilton County DD Services, determine which outlets are most effective, and highlight areas where we can improve.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this six-question survey and share your thoughts. Your feedback is appreciated! The deadline to take this survey is March 13, 2020.
I am a: *
I primarily get information about HCDDS via: *
Please rank the following methods of communication as what is most useful to you: *
Most effective
Least effective
Email Newsletters
Social Media
HCDDS website
Printed newsletters/handouts
My SSA or other HCDDS employee
Word of Mouth
Community or other events
Partner organizations
How often do you seek out information about HCDDS or our services? *
Please rank the following topics, according to your interests: *
Most interested
Somewhat interested
Least interested
Stories about people HCDDS supports
News about HCDDS initiatives
Columns from the Superintendent
Stories and pictures about providers (independent or agency)
Updates about statewide DD issues
Community Integration and Advocacy
Information about HCDDS services & program-specific updates (transition, employment, provider relations, SSA, etc.)
Stories about HCDDS employees
Upcoming events
What other topics would you like to see?
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Overall, I find the HCDDS communication tools effective and useful: *
How can we improve our communication?
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Please enter your contact information if you're interested in being contacted by the Community Relations team to discuss this further
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