Harassment and Bullying in the Nonprofit Sector
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If you have been sexually assaulted, bullied or harassed at work, I'm deeply sorry for your experience. It happened to me, and affected me deeply.

That's why I'm collecting a sample of experiences of nonprofit employees and fundraisers: I believe this issue needs to be addressed, brought out to the light and the prevalence exposed. Much of our nonprofit work is to fight injustice and create a more equitable world - which is why nonprofits should be modeling respectful, equitable and lawful treatment of employees.

[N.B. This is not a scientific or academic survey, but rather to gather more anecdotal information and to raise the profile of theses issues (as of midnight July 15, respondents are speaking of bullying far more than sexual harassment). ]

We should not tolerate harassment or bullying for any reasons - not because it was done by a donor, not because there isn't a human resources department, not because that employee is about to retire anyway.

I am collecting a sample of experiences of harassment and bullying from fundraisers and other nonprofit employees. I gratefully will take note of your experience (anonymously, if you wish) as part of a collection for an article. Completing this survey may be difficult.

Be aware that you have the option to note the experience you had as "sexual harassment", "harassment" or "bullying". None of these are acceptable forms of behavior in the workplace. This survey will ask some questions about you and the harasser and will ask you to explain the experience (in as much or little detail as you wish).

If you have had more than one experience, simply fill out the form again. I'm not a certified counselor, but if you wish to tell me more, you may email me at beth@bethannlocke.com. You will at least have someone who has been there.

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