"You Should, You Should" Order Form
"Hippo and friends will soon find out that BEING YOURSELF is what life's about." Inspire laughter and self-esteem to your favorite littles this season with a CUSTOM SIGNATURE AND DOODLE from the author.

One signed book - $8.00 each
One signed book w/ a custom doodle inside (you can request what I draw) - $13.00 each

Order more than 5 books, I'll knock $1 off each book!

SHIPPING costs will apply as follows:

1-2 Books - $2.63
3-4 Books - $3.12
5-6 Books - $3.61
7-8 Books - $4.10
9-10 Books - $4.59

Message me on Facebook with any questions, or email ginnytilby@gmail.com.

(PREVIEW book here - http://familius.com/you-should-you-should#lookinside)

Please fill out the form below and I'll begin processing your order. I will appreciate your patience as it takes time to customize your books and I may need to order more books depending on the volume of orders that come in. Thank you, I love you all, and Happy Holidays!!

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