Hudson River Valley Businesses Question Barge Anchorage Proposal
SIGN-ON Letter to be submitted to the United State Coast Guard's comment period for additional anchorage grounds on or before the deadline of December 6th, 2016. This letter was created by Kris Seiz, owner of Storm King Adventure Tours.

You can contact Kris via email at

Mr. Craig Lapiejko
Waterways Management Branch at Coast Guard First District

We, the owners of local businesses in the Hudson Valley, have grave reservations about the maritime industry’s request to anchor barges, potentially loaded with oil, in the Hudson River.

The Hudson River has undergone an incredible transformation and restoration in the last 50 years. Wildlife, clean water, kayaking, tourism, and local restaurants and businesses will all be severely affected by this plan.

When our customers and clients come for kayaking, hiking, shopping or visiting local destinations they come for the beautiful views of the river. When they visit, we send them to locally owned restaurants, shops, hotels and B&Bs that provide the bread and butter of the Hudson river tourist economy. This ill-conceived proposal threatens the foundation of our successes as businesses in the Hudson River Valley.

The Hudson River Valley has become one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. This plan will disrupt our entire way of living. We all work together to preserve our reputation of clean living, clean water, and clean air.

These businesses signing this letter all agree: the plan to “park” barges in our carefully preserved Hudson River Valley is dangerous, and will have a severe impact on tourism here. Therefore to adequately address the concerns of the business community we request that there be ample opportunity for public engagement, including public hearings and a comprehensive environmental review of the proposal, if it moves forward.


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