1st Airdrop StellarPay XLB
------------------------------------------StellarPay - Connecting the world to crypto--------------------------------------------
*Earn 1000 StellarPay (XLB) by doing this task below Limited for 20.000 participants.
*StellarPay (XLB) listed price is $0.011 USD, and is already listed on SDEX (StellarX, Stellarport,Stellarterm, Interstellar)
*Please be sure to add the XLB trustline to your Stellar wallet.
- Asset code : XLB
- Asset domain : stellarpay.org
Create a trustline to your Stellar wallet with XLB (500 XLB)
Asset Code: XLB
Asset domain : stellarpay.org
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Twitter campaign (375 XLB)
1. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/StellarpayOrg : ( 125 XLB )

2. Re-Tweet our Pinned Tweet with #airdrop hashtag and tag your 5 friends: ( 250 XLB )
• You must have at least 20 subscribers.
• Twitter audit should be more than 85% of real subscribers, most of them have to be people interested in cryptocurrency. https://www.twitteraudit.com/

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Telegram Campaign (125 XLB)
Join us on Telegram https://t.me/stellarpayorg ( 125 XLB )
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Sign up and confirm your email here : https://stellarpay.org/airdrop-bounty/
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