Code of Conduct
The DestinyRaiders started as a Destiny Clan. However, after years of gaming together and countless  IRL meet ups we've grown to be much more than that. Our expectation of you is to just join with the open mind to make new friends from all over the world and follow the rules below.

Be cool: towards other clan mates, and  members of the gaming community. DO NOT argue, fight, call out ...etc other players or clan mates on social media. Absolutely DO NOT include the @DestinyRaiders in any negative twitter posts or post that project your own personal views on hot button issues like Politics or Religion. Over the top bragging and narcissistic posts are not tolerated, we know you are good we recruited you. Act like you’ve been there before.

Be helpful: Clan comes first. If someone posts in chat that they need help with something that you can help with - do so. This does not mean you are obligated to stop everything you are doing and help; clan mates should respect that. If you are looking for a team to run with check the TeamFinder channel in Discord, if you can't find the team you need there ask a Coordinator to post an event for you. We founded this clan on helping and teaching people how to get through the Raids. If you notice someone on social media looking for help getting through a Raid feel free to jump in and represent us to the fullest.

Be Active: If you want to be in the DestinyRaiders it is expected of you to sign up and be a part of the Discord chat to join in on clan events. It is understandable that real life comes before gaming but this group is no different from being a part of a sports team, book club, skee ball league..etc You have to be an active member to remain in the group. Communication is key, if you know you are going to be away from the group for a long period of time please reach out to one of the Community Leaders. We hope that once you join DestinyRaiders that you plan to stay, however if you feel the need to leave the group, please give notice to one of the Community Leaders to address any unresolved issues. Please note that by leaving you forfeit the right to freely return.

Discord: As mentioned before, active participation in Discord is a requirement to be a part of the DestinyRaiders. All the “Be ...” rules above apply in chat. It’s understandable that normal discussions can sway from gaming to other topics and this is acceptable as long as the conversation stays on a positive track. Remember it is very easy to start a private conversation in Discord should you want to really go off topic with another clan mate(s). We have people in the clan from all ages and walks of life. Please be mindful of this when posting comments or pictures pertaining to gender, sexuality, religion or anything that may be offensive in nature. Basically, just be cool.

Violating Code of Conduct policies or going inactive from Discord and clan activities can lead to removal from the DestinyRaiders.

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