Beta & Beyond by Janeal
As a self-published author for over six years, a writer for thirteen years, and the author of more than twenty books, Janeal shares a vast pool of knowledge to help you succeed.

Please understand this doesn't mean you'll be an overnight success. Writing and publishing is hard work. Janeal's had many ups and downs, and she is ready to teach you what she's learned and help you through your own process.

Prices are lower when you pay for multiple months at a time.
Contact Janeal for details

*NOTE: Prices can be flexible if things are tight. Email to discuss this.

*Must be a clean work (PG-13 or lower)
*No horror, erotica, or other sexually explicit material.

You Must:
*Be willing to take criticism (that doesn't mean you do everything Janeal says, just means you think about it)
*Be willing to work hard
*eMail Janeal back in a timely manner (failure to do this step means you may miss out on some of the personalization)

Signing up does not guarantee Janeal will take you on. If you're not a good fit, she'll be unable to assist you, in which case, she'll let you know.

To learn more about Janeal and her books go to:

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