Women Are Always Right, Men Are Never Wrong

Psychologists feel that poor communication skills are to blame for "Women are always right, men are never wrong." The fact that many men and women continue to communicate in sexual stereotypes perpetuates in our society today the problem. The way in which both men and women have been raised, conditioned and socialized has created genuine and sometimes even insurmountable communication problems for both sexes. We take it for granted that the opposite sex understands us, yet it has clearly been proven by the frustration of miscommunication between the sexes that men and women do not communicate in
similar ways. This talk will enlighten the audience these male and female communication differences and offers a practical plan of action to improve relations between the sexes.

Speaker Profile:
Mr Jeffrey Goh graduated from the Teacher’s Training College in 1968 and taught a total of 5 years before he was enlisted for National Service. He was absorbed into regular service and served the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) for 22 years. He was instrumental in the setting up of SAF’s School of Methods of Instruction(SOMI) – a training institute set up to train SAF officers and specialists techniques of effective communication.
He was Head, Public Relations for six years in the Ministry of Defence and has trained various SAF and MINDEF personnel on PR and skills like how to manage complaints from the public. He is also a regular trainer in the Institute of Public Administration, a training institute for Civil Servants. He is also a Certified Trainer for “Who Moved My Cheese?” program and “Fish Philosophy”. He was certified in the USA.

Workshop Details:
Date: 16 Oct 2015 (Friday)‏
Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Learning Oasis 02, Level 3, C-03-01
Fee: Session Is Free.

**Dinner provided at 6pm

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