Queer During Coronavirus
As public life takes an unprecedented turn due to COVID-19, we want to hear from queer people whose lives have been impacted by the new coronavirus.

Self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing, loss of work, and new barriers to healthcare access have unique implications for the LGBTQ+ community and marginalized people. For the trans and gender-nonconforming community, the virus presents complications in terms of hormone access and ways to navigate gender dysphoria. For queer people who work in nightlife and the service industry, the closure of bars, clubs, cafés, and restaurants jeopardizes income streams and access to other support resources. For those who rely on chosen family in their day-to-day lives, isolation from loved ones can exacerbate anxiety and make it difficult to access the social support they need.

We’re starting a column of interviews with LGBTQ+ people facing new life circumstances under the coronavirus. If you want to share your story, please send us your contact information and a brief introduction using this Google Form. We’ll be publishing edited interviews with members of the queer community about the new realities of their lives and perspectives on new challenges — alongside new ways of finding hope — they’re facing in these historic times.
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