Support the Cranston Climate Bond
The time to act to address climate change is now. Climate change threatens Cranston with increased flooding and poorer health outcomes, and it imperils our ability to grow food. That’s why City Councilmembers Steve Stycos and John Donegan are proposing a $5 million Climate Bond that would allow our city to start doing our part to help mitigate and reverse climate change.

This bond will allow us to to invest in projects aimed at reducing Cranston’s carbon footprint, such as:

• Putting solar panels on the Knightsville Library
• Adding temperature controls and LED lights to City Hall and other libraries
• Improving energy efficiency in our schools with better insulation and windows
• Installing an electric vehicle charging station

These ideas aren’t just good for the climate, they make good financial sense, too! Climate mitigation projects will save our city money, just like the existing solar panels on Cranston High School West save taxpayers $9,500/year in energy costs.

If you believe that we need to address climate change and think saving our city money is the right thing to do, please sign the petition below, and contact your councilperson to urge them to vote to put the Cranston Climate Bond before voters this November! This petition will be delivered to the Cranston City Council at their June meeting on Monday, June 22, at 7pm.


To the Cranston City Council,

I believe that we must take action to combat climate change and reduce the City's carbon footprint. I support the Cranston Climate Bond - a $5 million bond proposal to finance renewable energy systems, increase energy conservation measures within the City, and combat climate change at the local level. I urge the City Council to vote to put the bond proposal on the ballot in November.


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