Advanced Questionnaire: High School
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How many WEEK DAY hours day do you spend watching TV or playing on your phone, computer or with video games? *
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How much time do you usually spend on homework EACH DAY? *
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About how many hours PER WEEK do you usually work at a part-time job during the school year? *
How many hours EACH WEEK do you usually spend in extra-curricular activities associated with school? *
How would you describe the quality of education available to you in this school? *
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Talk with one of your parents about your experience in school.
Talk with one of your parents about your plans for high school classes.
Talk with one of your parents about your plans for after high school.
Indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by clicking one of the circles? *
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Strongly Agree
I feel safe at school.
Administration in my school are friendly.
Teachers in my school are friendly.
Staff (secretaries, custodians, nurses, bus drivers, and paras) in my school are friendly.
Students in my school are friendly.
I get bullied at this school.
I learn a lot in this school.
I can do well in school.
I like going to this school.
I would attend a different school if I could.
There is a feeling of belonging at my school.
My opinion is valued by teachers and administrators.
Differences among students and their families are respected in this school.
I am treated fairly at school.
If a student has a problem, there are teachers who will listen and help.
In my school, all students are given a chance to succeed.
Being successful in school today will help me in my future.
My parents have a good idea of what goes on at school.
My family believes that I can do well in school.
In our community people tend to trust each other.
This community is proud of this school.
Our classes are often interrupted.
Students in this school drink alcohol.
Students in this school use drugs.
Discipline is handled fairly in my school.
My school building is in good condition.
I am given healthy/tasteful meals while at school.
Indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement by clicking one of the circles. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
My teachers are good teachers.
My teachers think I can learn.
Teachers in this school really care about me.
Teachers treat me with respect.
My teachers expect very good work from me.
My teachers let me know when I am doing a good job.
Most of my teachers are organized and well prepared to teach.
During our classes we stay focused on learning and don't waste time.
My teachers make clear what I'm supposed to learn.
My teachers want me to contribute my thoughts in class.
Teachers connect what students are learning with the real world.
In most classes, if I am having trouble learning something, my teacher usually finds another way to help me understand.
My teachers help me understand my mistakes on assignments.
Most of my teachers tell me how I am doing in their class.
There is good communication between teachers and students.
Clear rules regarding behavior have been establed in most of my classes.
Most of my teachers respond to disruptive students quickly and effectively.
Teachers enforce the rules fairly
If I have a personal problem, I can talk to the school counselor.
My school counselor makes visits to my classroom.
I have been encouraged to think and establish career or educational goals at school.
My school counselor has assisted me in creating a plan to reach my education and/or career goals.
Please indicate how often you experience the following in most of your classes by clicking one of the circles below: *
I am taught effective note-taking skills.
I am asked to present new content through pictures, graphs, maps or charts.
I am asked to summarize new material.
I am asked to revise or correct errors in my work.
I am asked to identify similarities and differences.
I am given opportunities to work in small, collaborative groups.
I am given opportunities to construct and work on my own long-term projects.
I am asked to relate what I already know to new material.
I am given opportunities to present what I have learned to other students.
My graded assignments are returned to me before I am tested on the information.
I like reading.
The classes I have at school cover material that is important to me.
The classes I took last year prepared me for this year's subject.
I know how to find information I need to complete class projects.
My school provides me with the textbooks and learning materials I need to learn.
I have access to technology including SMARTboard, desktop computers and chromebooks for learning.
After I graduate from high school I plan to do which of the following? *
Which one of the following career clusters best describes your four year plan of study? *
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