Valentine's Sri Lankan Feast with Margot Heffernan
WEDNESDAY // February 14, 2018
Acclaimed Night Out veteran Margot Heffernan brings a special Sri Lankan line-up for Valentine's Day, designed to be shared with your love, family, or friends!

We ask that patrons donate $25 each, with all courses and beverages included.

Drinks \\ Phil's Just Java Coffee

\\ Iced Tea

\\ Water

Starter \\ Salad with carrot, tomato, and zesty ginger dressing.

Entrée - each table will receive a serving of each dish, family style, to share, mix and match. Please specify if you do not want a specific dish at your table (ex., you only want vegetarian dishes).

\\ Sri Lankan crepes - semolina and rice flour, onion.

\\ Kiri Bath Milk Rice - short grain rice simmered in fresh coconut milk, a traditional
dish of the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka.

\\ Dahl - Sri Lankan style lentils.

\\ Potato Curry - vegetarian curry with a kick, a traditional filling to accompany the

\\ Columbo Chicken Curry - this classic Tamil-style Sri Lankan chicken curry is hot,
and is simmered in fragrant spices and coconut milk..

\\ Lamb Nithesh - lamb, curried, seasoned with Sri Lankan curry powder,
cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and fresh coconut milk.

\\ Vatsi's Rasam - a thin tomato-based broth simmered with orange lentils and
seasoned with peppercorn, cumin, and curry leaves, meant to be used as a

\\ Victoria's Special - sauteed eggplant simmered in tamarind and coconut sauce
and seasoned with coriander, cumin, cinnamon, and curry leaves.

\\ Red & Green Coconut Chutneys

Desserts \\ Rice pudding

\\ TBD

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