Izard County Poll Worker Information Sheet
The Izard County Board of Election Commissioners wants to thank you for your interest in becoming a poll worker. In accordance to the IZCBEC policies, all poll workers must fill out the poll worker information sheet. This is an electronic version of the information collected on that sheet and will be sent to the the Commission. When received, the Commission will contact you with further instructions. Thank you again for your interest!

Randall Lovelace - Chair of the IZCBEC
Last Name
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Mailing Address
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Email Address ( Please note that this is for the IZCBEC only and will not be shared)
Precinct - (if known)
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How did you hear about working as a poll worker? *
The information given is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I give permission to the Izard County Board of Election Commissioners to contact me to work the polls and to schedule the appropriate training that I need to work the elections. (please type your name below) *
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