RFE-SIG Director Mentoring Program
The Residency Fellowship Special Interest Group (RFE SIG) is interested in developing a mentoring program for Residency or Fellowship Directors/Coordinators with the goal of pairing experienced program directors or coordinators with newer program directors/coordinators to foster support, feedback and guidance throughout the year.

The RFE-SIG will match R/F program directors based on the following criteria: Years of experience, Type of Program, Type of Assistance Requested. The amount of interaction will be dependent on the individuals participating, however the RFE-SIG will host a meet-and-greet social at ELC (Education Leadership Conference) in October 2019 to allow for face-to-face interaction, exchange of information and further discussion about the needs of the program.

Individuals that would like to participate in the program do not have to attend ELC in order to participate but may be paired or placed on a contact list if they would like.

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