FIRST Lego League Horry County Tech Fair 2020
Please complete one per team that you will have competing at the Horry County Tech Fair in the robot game only portion of the FIRST LEGO League City Shaper Challenge. We need a form for EACH team competing.
Please note that we will start at 10am this year.
School Name *
Teacher Name *
Teacher email *
Team Name *
Please list the number of team members on your team (teams can not have more than 10 team members). *
Did you participate in the official FIRST LEGO League Season? *
We understand that this competition is only the robot game portion of the current season. *
The team understands that the rules for the robot game are listed on this site The team has read the challenge guide, game guide, challenge updates and the field set up. *
I understand that this competition will begin at 10am on April 8th. *
If our team has any questions about the FIRST LEGO League robot game competition, we will reach out to Brandy Incorvia at *
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