This year we have experienced challenges like never before, and we are faced with a new season that is unpredictable as ever. Instead of coming out of "the storm" the same as before, this new season our mindset is to face adversity with humility, honesty and hunger to elevate ourselves!

Our mission:
1. Elevate our passion for dance (find new creative ventures if necessary); still approach our competitive dance program with excellence, if COVID-19 prevents competitions from occurring than we will evolve our competitive program into a performative one.
2. Empower our community; leadership conferences & seminars to provide safer spaces for our members to grow & educate ourselves on current events
3. Engage & connect with our community so that each voice is heard, while ensuring we maintain the highest standards of safety and health in our facility

Our first day of classes for the 2020-21 season is TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH (UPDATED 09/03), which there is a 2 week period where dancers are able to audition/trial their dance classes. All beginner, recreational and kids competitive programming requires NO audition!

IF YOU ARE A NEW DANCER TO KORE we would love to assist you in finding the right class for you! Our preference is to provide you a one-on-one experience, either electronically or in person. To do so, please book an appointment with us via email : koredancestudio@gmail.com

If you are interested in an intermediate/advance dance class, our audition process is that you will be sent a video tutorial 24 hours before to learn on your own time, and then you will be assigned a time to come into the studio to audition the choreography during the scheduled class day. The second round of callbacks will be live in the studio! More info will be emailed to you after you complete your registration.

YOU HAVE UNTIL MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH @ NOON TO FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES. We have limited capacity in our studio, so in order to keep everyone safe we require EVERYONE to pre-register to take class and will schedule accordingly to accommodate the numbers.




At Kore, it is our to priority that each dancer that walks into our space feels safe, valued and heard.

Please read and review our code of conduct, and know that when you are step into the Kore Dance Studio you are agreeing to abide & respect the policies and protocols we have in place. Our code of conduct will be available by the first day of class and will be mandatory for all dancers to understand and comply.

If you have any questions or wish to connect with someone from Kore admin, please email us at koredancestudio@gmail.com



The expectation at Kore is that all students/parents/guardians are responsible for financially keeping up to date on their account. Here is a breakdown of what to financials to expect:

Payment methods:
E-TRANSFER to koredues@gmail.com, no password necessary
Cash, Debit, Cheque [ MAKE PAYABLE TO "THE KORE DANCE STUDIO" - $25 Fee for NSF ]

Tuition Payment Plan Options:
a) FULLY by SATURDAY SEPT 26th, 2020
b) Other options: please contact us via koredancestudio@gmail.com

2) COSTUME DEPOSITS (costumes may be applied to a competitive event or show)
$75 PER class due SAT SEPT 26th, 2020

Fee outlines & forms available in November 9th 2020, due by DECEMBER 7TH 2020
(competition credits from 2019-20 season will be automatically applied to these fees)
*approximate cost for competitions: Beginner $80-100 per class, Inter/Advance $130-$180 per class

4) IF YOU ARE IN A CARLO ATIENZA CLASS, there is a Travel Fee associated with transporting Carlo Atienza in.
$60 per class enrolled (ONE TIME) due SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2020

5) There may be a mandatory out of town competition (dependent on what program you are enrolled in), which will be an extra cost of accommodation, additional training opportunities, travel, admin fee, etc. that are not associated with Kore tuition.

If accounts are not paid within 1 WEEK of the due date, a warning will be issued. If accounts are outstanding past 2 weeks of due date, there will be a late fee of $50 or students will be removed from the Kore program.

In the case of CLASS WITHDRAWALS, refunds will only be given if both the instructor and office receive a written letter/email of notice two weeks prior to the first day of the month, otherwise the student will be charged the remainder of the month and will be refunded as of the next month.



Once registered, our main source of communication for any important events, newsletters, etc will be the following sources:

(add koredancestudio@gmail.com as a contact to avoid our emails being sent to your junk)

Dancers and parents/guardians please download THE BAND APP, available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store ! We use Band as an instant way to communicate to you about important events, notices or news. There will also be specialized Band Groups for each individual dance class so dancers can watch rehearsal footage, receive music mixes and have a calendar for the year!

Please ensure the dancer & parent/guardian have joined the Kore Community Band Group: https://band.us/n/abaa34V8HbB6A

3. SOCIAL MEDIA (Please follow us on Instagram (@koredancestudio) and/or Facebook (The Kore Dance Studio) to get the most updated info on new, exciting events at Kore!


Now that you are more familiar with the culture of our studio, please feel free to move forward with registering at Kore!
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