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Networking and developing important relationships is critical to both the professional and the personal aspects of your life. Many, however, do not possess the skills to use their network(s) effectively. Do you have the skills to expand and leverage your network? Can you identify opportunities to drive deeper relationships in your current networks? Do you have the networking skills to enhance your life, accelerate your career and generate additional opportunities and revenues for your organization? We will review your responses and provide you feedback on your skill level.
How much effort do you put into meeting and talking with new contacts? *
When you meet new people for the first time, in your initial conversation, do you prefer to: *
Rate Your Linkedin Profile *
How often do you get business development related referrals from your contacts? *
Which of the following ways of networking do you think will result in the greatest long term benefit to you? *
in the last two weeks how many times, if any, have you connected people you know with each other because you saw synergies between them and thought there were reasons they should know each other. *
How involved are you in your community's organizations and activities? *
Do you regularly set business goals that include meeting new people and developing new business relationships? *
Do you maintain a contact database where you gather information about business contacts you meet? *
Do you work hard to build strong networking relationships internally in your organization, not just with those outside of your company? *
Do you make networking and developing personal and business connections part of your daily routine? *
How important do you think skilled networking should be to both your professional and personal and family lives? *
At work are you viewed as a "difference maker" which means you earn more than most of your peers, you get the better assignments, you get included in more high level discussions, you feel like you have strong job security and your network of contacts is valued. *
Are there things that stop you from being a strong, pro­active networker such as your personal qualities (shy, quiet, reluctant to reach out to others), you lack the time, you don’t really know how to do it effectively, or you lack the necessary training and coaching. *
After you meet someone for the 1st time with whom you want to develop an ongoing business relationship, how quickly do you think you should follow up? *
When on a plane, train or bus for any length of time how likely are you to get into an extended conversation with the person sitting next to you? *
Do you always bring and expect to exchange business cards at personal and social events like weddings, funerals, family celebrations, church and school programs, shopping or walking the dog for example? *
From the time you first meet someone with whom you see synergies, how long do you think it normally should take for something really good to happen as a result of the new relationship? *
At work do you or would you feel comfortable submitting expenses to be reimbursed for networking activities? *
Do you have a strong, clear 30 second profile you use to introduce yourself? *
Do you think that participating in a coaching & training program designed to improve your networking and client/business development skills would benefit you professionally and increase the P&L impact you have on your organization? *
Are you encouraged to spend time networking and developing new business relationships personally at home by your spouse or significant other and/or by the company with which you work? *
Do you believe networking and relationship development skills should be taught as a core subject in our school system? *
Are you a frequent and good story teller to get your point across? *
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