Paleoclimate data standards
Everything about modern life, from cellphones, GPS, credits cards, or the Web, requires some form of standard. A world without standards would seem medieval.

Paleoclimate data is still in the medieval age: despite advances in methodologies, the data are often reported in Excel spreadsheets or text files that are not machine readable. As a consequence, researchers still spend up to 80% of their time searching and formatting data. If you think that in the twenty-first century we should be able to do better, make your voice heard by completing this survey.

We ask for five minutes of your time to tell us about your science and how LinkedEarth could help you with the menial task of data searching and cleaning.

Anyone answering this short poll will be included in the paper summarizing the standards (enter your email address below).

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An example of a fundamental query is "all the d18O data from corals archive from this location". This query requires metadata about 1. location (latitude/longitude), 2. the archive is a coral, and 3. the measurements are d18O.
What other types of queries would you like to perform?
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